Shortlisted at Fast Growth 50 Awards: Results Are In, We're 29th!

Results Are In, We're 29th!

Contrary to the common notion that rapid growth is primarily associated with new businesses, it's worth noting that the typical age of a high-growth company in the North of England in 2022 was eleven years. Remarkably, only nine of the companies experiencing significant growth that year were relatively new, aged five years or less. This challenges the conventional belief that rapid expansion is confined to the early stages of a company's life.

This is why YOLO take immense pride in being PLACED 29TH in this years list. Our commitment to innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and we're having a blast elevating our current ventures to new heights

YOLO Fast 50 Growth Awards on NEON sign in Office in Richmond UK

This recognition reflects our dedication and innovation, but it's also a testament to our incredible team, loyal customers, and steadfast partners who've been integral to our growth.

As we gear up for the Fast Growth 50 Awards, we're excited to showcase our journey in the 2023 Fast Growth 50 magazine, reaching key businesses and decision-makers across the North.

Over the past year, YOLO has achieved remarkable milestones, from settling into our vibrant new campus to expanding our hammock presence into Tesco, B&Q, Debenhams, and 150 othe retailers. We're also launched new cutting-edge machines with Scayl, experienced explosive growth in our Eye Lounge range through subscription models, established a physical presence in the USA, and are gearing up for the exciting launch of SPAAh, our new hot tub brand. These accomplishments wouldn't have been possible without our team.

We're grateful for your support and look forward to celebrating with you as we continue to reach new heights. This is just the beginning of our exciting journey!