YOLO Sets Up Fundraiser For Argentina - Richmond's Local Big Issue Seller

Here at YOLO we're a business who loves to make change in people’s lives. This time around we're helping our local Big Issue seller Argentina. We're very proud of our team members Dave and Rowan who had this idea and set up the fundraiser. 

We’ve known Argentina for as long as we’ve been at our offices on Finkle street. Those local to Richmond may know her. She's usually working hard selling copies of The Big Issue at the end of Finkle Street. Argentina works day in, day out in the wind, snow, rain or sunshine and always has a smile on her face. Some of you may have even stopped to talk to her and bring her a sandwich or a hot drink.

Unfortunately she was subject to an incident resulting in a dog relieving itself on her coat, soaking it right through. Still, Argentina did not complain. She simply responded 'not good' to being asked how she was by another local business owner. You can read more about what she said in this article published by Richmondshire Today.

The owner of the dog offered only a verbal apology to Argentina, and we think this isn't enough - she deserves a break. That's why we've set up a fundraiser to give her a hand.  

Before the incident happened, we we're looking at rounding up local businesses in the area to donate gift cards or products that would be useful for her everyday life. Since setting up this fundraiser we've raised over 2000! Which is far better than we could have hoped. 

Here's what David, our fantastic team member who set up the fundraiser says on the page: 

"We had an idea to get a collection together for Argentina, our lovely local big issue seller. We then thought about going round and asking other businesses to donate.After seeing an awful story on our local Facebook forum, we decided to go even bigger and start a go fund me campaign for her!
We want to change her life this winter and help her out through these tough times. Our aim is to raise enough money to buy her some gift cards for various local shops such as boots, Greggs and any other businesses in the area which would be helpful to her every day life."

If you can and would like to donate please donate here.