Taking On The Challenge at YOLO's Staff Day Out

In York, our team embarked on an exciting staff day out at York Activity Centre that promised an array of thrilling challenges. With rifle shooting, archery, and axe throwing on the agenda, our day was destined to be an adventure. Excitement hung in the air as our group of colleagues eagerly anticipated the challenges that lay ahead.

Rifle Shooting: Precision and Focus

Our day kicked off with the art of rifle shooting, where each staff member had the opportunity to hone their marksmanship skills. With rifles in hand and targets at a distance, focus and concentration were key. The thrill of hitting the target with pinpoint accuracy filled the air as colleagues took turns at the shooting range and the loud noise that echoed off the target when successfully hit. The crack of gunfire was met with laughter. Regardless of previous experience, we embraced the challenge and emerged with newfound confidence.

After several practice rounds of shooting at targets in the distance, we moved on to competitions. With our personalized shooting targets, we took the shot and the scores we counted up. Francesca, Jenny, and Henry were all joint 1st.   

staff all in a row behind a wooden wall











Archery: Channeling the Archer Within

Following the exhilarating rifle shooting session, our team transitioned to the ancient sport of archery. Armed with bows and arrows, staff members channelled their inner archers, aiming at targets with determination. Arrows flew through the air, some ending up in the field behind or some hitting the target. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as colleagues encouraged each other to hit the bullseye when the teams were put in place. Even those unfamiliar with archery quickly found their rhythm, and the sense of achievement was palpable as arrows consistently struck the target, with the occasional one being stuck in the wood. 

The winner of the challenging activity was Dave as he scored a high score and the winning team was the red team who managed to beat the blue by using one less arrow to complete the challenge. 

Axe Throwing: Embracing the Challenge

The day reached its peak with the thrilling activity of axe throwing. With Viking spirit in their hearts, staff members stepped up to the challenge of hurling axes towards wooden targets. The resounding thud of axes embedding into the targets echoed the determination and skill of the participants. Cheers and laughter filled the air as colleagues embraced the challenge, honing their technique with each throw. The satisfaction of seeing the axe hit the bullseye and everyone celebrated their newfound axe-throwing abilities. We were taught some new unique ways to throw an axe, one, in particular, was called M'lady which was tried by nearly all team members, but non-successful doesn't mean it won't be tried again in the future. 

 loads of people stood in a line with axes in their hands

A Day of Triumph and Teamwork

As the sun set on our day of adventure in York, the resounding sentiment among the staff was one of exhilaration and accomplishment. The activities at the activity centre had been nothing short of brilliant, providing our team with a day filled with challenges, camaraderie, and triumph. The experience of rifle shooting, archery, and axe throwing had not only tested our skills but also brought us closer together as a team. 

After an exciting day filled with activities, competitions, and much team laughter we headed over to a beautiful lounge in Richmond, where we shared tapas food spread across the table and all had a surprise cocktail. Wooden pieces were flying across the lounge, into drinks, and food, and scattered across the floor as we finished the day with a game of Jenga. What an exciting and challenging day it was!