What life is like in the YOLO office

Here in the office the YOLO family work hard to make things happen, heck, we have launched 6 new businesses in the last few years so we have been known to do work from time to time.

But, we are big believers in making the time spent at YOLO enjoyable and challenging our team to give their best, both in terms of work and play.

We have began with our environment, where we have hammocks dotted about, grass on the floors and inspiration and colour everywhere. We are doing everything we can to move away from stale office themes and create a space that invites creativity.

We are also fairly laid back. These days most businesses treat their team like school children - be in at this time, take your lunch then, wear a uniform, have your homework done on time and only speak up if you have something worth sharing. We spent 1/3rd of our lives in the workplace, in fact most workers spend more time in the office than with their families. So, we have an obligation to treat our team like responsible adults, give them the freedom they deserve and guide and support them when needed. We are doing everything we can to make the 1/3rd the YOLO team spend here the happiest.